A Fact Of Love


I called your number twice today

Just phoned to say hello

Iím still at work itís kinda late

Guess soon Iíll have to go

And I know it is short notice

But if you would agree

I know this little restaurant

And please would you join me



Well Iíve learned a lot about love

From mistakes that I have made

Iím living now without your love

Itís the greatest price Iíve paid

You canít own someone elseís love

Even if you helped it grow

And thatís just a fact of love

That everyone should know


You know itís kind of funny

The lessons love can teach

Like seeing things more clearly

When itís just out of reach

Or saying that you love someone

When they are not around

Wish someone took the time

To write these lessons down



©Rollie Herritt  December 21, 2000


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