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Experience the musical sounds of Atlantic Canada through Songs By Rollie, sung by: Cyril Engram, Willie DeCoste, Jeannie Herritt and Cyril Piercey. Instrumental music by Rollie Herritt and Sim Savory. All Easy Listening music from Atlantic Canada. Check out the CDs, listen to some samples, browse through the poetic lyrics and immerse yourself in some maritime history. Even request songs to be played on the radio!

Sailor's Hall of Fame
Song Audio Sample Lyrics
1. Sailor's Hall of Fame  
2. A Love Like Yours    
3. A Summer so Full of Promise    
4. Mr. DJ    
5. Acoustic Medley    
6. Good Good Morn'    
7. Gone Fishin'    
8. I Like it That Way    
9. Through the Years    
10. Irish Instrumental    
11. Beautiful Woman    
12. Dancing on Saturday Night    
Merry Christmas Friends
Song Audio Sample Lyrics
1. Hey Hey It's Christmas    
2. Home Again Christmas This Year    
3. On My Christmas Tree    
4. Christmas Calendar    
5. Christmas Holiday Party    
6. Christmas By The Sea    
7. A Guitar and an Accordian    
8. Christmas Cheer    
9. It Soon Will be Christmas Again    
10. Grandma's Christmas Gift    
Loving You
Song Audio Sample Lyrics
1. Got to Talk to my Heart    
2. Loving You-Only Forever is Enough    
3. Maybe Someday    
4. What I Like Most of All    
5. The Years    
6. Daydreams    
7. Only When I'm Gone    

8. Cajun Queen

9. Someone to Love You
10. Just to be There With You    
11. Something Called Love    
12. My Mother and My Father's Wedding Day    
13. Y-O-U    
14. Each Time I Think of You    
15. A Fact of Love    
16. One More Try    
17. Story of a Guitar    
18. My Heart Loves a Memory    
19. How I Wish    
20. Luck be a Lady Tonight    
21. Cape Breton Ceilidh Saturday Night
All The Roads
Song Audio Sample Lyrics
1. Please Be Careful With My Heart
2. I Take Your Love With Me    
3. Where Love Goes    
4. Blind Date    
5. Last Dance    
6. No Big Reason    
7. If it is Love    
8. My Emotional Sunshine    
9. Love Said Hello    
10. Light in the Window    
11. All the Roads I Travel
12. Thing or Two    
13. Also Needed to Be Friends    
14. Wake Up Call    
15. One Night at a Dance    
16. All of Your Love    
17. Hundred Thousand Ways    
18. Out of Your Mind    
19. Little Stone in Your Shoe    
20. With You By My Side    

Join Me Tonight

Song Audio Sample Lyrics
1. Join Me Tonight    
2. Fall Fall for You    
3. You're Still on My Mind    
4. Time    
5. Love Made a Fool of Me    
6. So Many Wishes    
7. Wish On a Rainbow    
8. Loving You    
9. That Chair    
10. Too Much Woman    
11. Our Anniversary    
12. What Only Love Can Do    
13. The Captain    
14. When You Say Goodbye    
15. A Whole Lot of Lovin'    
16. Let Go of My Heart    
17. Tonight I Need a Friend    
18. Your Extraordinary Way    
19. Lucky Accident    
20. So I Can be With You    
21. Silver More Precious Than Gold    


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