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Atlantic Star Music - News! 2006

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JULY NEWS!!!! (2006)
During June we managed to spend some time in the recording studio working on about 13 new songs. So the first takes are done and being reviewed. At this point we are quite pleased and really look forward to completing the project and hope to have something in our hands by late summer.
Meanwhile, I keep writing and have written about 15 new songs in 2006. Writing is something I enjoy doing and one never knows what topic will next come one's way to write about. Just recently I was at the track doing my regular walk arounds and I just knew I needed paper and pencil because there was just too much coming into my head and I would not remember it all. I saw a trainer on the track, asked if I could borrow a little scrap paper and pen or pencil. He graciously found some and I went to the bleachers, sat down and wrote, wrote, wrote. I thanked him,but I'm sure he had no idea why I seemed anxious to write something then and there. Hanging onto an idea is sometimes quite challenging if you aren't in a position to jot it down. Later that night at home I gave it a musical face without hardly changing a word. That was the first time I have written a song in record time. Maybe it was the track that nudged me to do it quickly. Tee Hee! Maybe that song will see the light of recording day in 2007. Certainly wish you a marvellous July. Please feel free to be in touch.
Kind regards. Rollie

MAY (2006)
Due to unexpected developments regarding the health of a family member, Rollie of AtlanticStar Music has spent most of the past year as a full time member of the "CareGivers Guild". Most of my musical energies have been devoted to the privilege of family caregiving. With sincere gratitude and growing confidence in the current health status of our family member, AtlanticStar is resurrecting its musical energies and hope to complete several musical projects this calendar year.
A TRIBUTE ALBUM is being readied.
A FAMILY ALBUM is planned.
A GOSPEL CD is "on the books'.
A CHILDREN'S MUSICADE CD has passed its infancy.
AN ATLANTIC CANADA SALUTE CD is also a priority.
If you would like to know more about these upcoming musical projects please contact Rollie at AND PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR website. Cheers to all. Rollie

AtlanticStar Music is currently working on a TRIBUTE CD - a tribute to the late Everett Simms who was one of the trio in the Newfie Fever Band. This terrific gentleman lost his life in a freak sea accident in September 2004. We shall keep you posted as we progress on this so important project.

MAY (2004)
We are getting closer to launching our Sailor's Hall Of Fame
website and you will be able to submit names of people
who spent time making a living on the sea. Please keep checking
  and it should be available in the near future!!!

APRIL (2004)
I recently submitted an article entitled "How People
You Meet Weave Their Hearts Into Your Songs" to the local newspaper The Casket in Antigonish, Nova Scotia and hope they will publish it. You can read a copy of it under Tributes on this web site. Hope you enjoy it. Kind regards. Rollie

MARCH (2004)
Today, March 08 I was listening to a country radio show in Midlands, England via the internet and was delighted that the DJ, Lady Marie, played three cuts from our CD - ALL THE ROADS I TRAVEL. That was just terrific. I had a chance to chat with the DJ and she will be doing more of our AtlanticStar Music on future shows. You can log on to and chat with Lady Marie and request one of our songs on Sunday afternoons from 2-5PM AST.


We are delighted to say that our new CD SAILORS' HALL OF FAME is now available in stores throughout Atlantic Canada or by contacting Rollie at Atlantic Star Music (at this website). Early indications are that folks who have heard it are enjoying it.

As a result of the new CD and peoples' support for a
Sailor's Hall Of Fame I am currently engaged in encouraging the provinces of Atlantic Canada to set up a Sailor's Registry so that all of us who have had or still have a family member, a friend, an acquaintance who has sailed the seas and we wish to acknowledge them, then we might do so by inscribing their name within the registry. If you wish to know more about his project, please be in touch by e-mail: or any of the phone addresses listed in this website.



We have just completed our most recent CD
SAILORS' HALL OF FAME  November 2003. We are hoping to have it available soon. Meanwhile a demo has been sent to radio stations in Atlantic Canada.  If you wish to be in touch with us then please contact us through e-mail  or

Rollie Herritt (HP) 1-902-864-5079
  (CP) 1-902-229-3111
Willie DeCoste (HP) 1-902-358-2219

NEWS 2 (September 7, 2002)

CFSX Radio Station In Stephenville, Newfoundland will be debuting our new CD on their Saturday show (September 7, 2002), and a similar playing of several songs will occur at a sister station in Corner Brook on Sunday, September 8. We really appreciate the air play. If you would like to hear any of our songs, please share your requests with these stations and they will play them. We thank you.!

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